3 Comments on “EPF to commemorate Italian philosopher and anti-fascist Antonio Gramsci”

  1. Jim Jones
    What a fantastic initiative by the Edinburgh People's Festival. Gramsci's legacy remains important today. I look forward to finding out who the speakers at the seminar will be and where it is taking place.
  2. davie laing
    Looking forward with great anticipation to the event. But astonished that nowhere in your promotional material do you find it relevant to mention that Gramsci was a leading member of the Italian Communist Party or that his thought inspired political strategy of that party.
    • Jim Jones
      All in due course, Davie. There is still a month to go and the bulk of our publicity is yet to go out. The People's Festival will of course highlight Gramsci's leadership of the Italian Communist Party and the fact that Hamish Henderson was first introduced to Gramsci's work when fighting alongside the Italian Communist Partisans in WW2.

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